Dariush Shirmohammadi

CalWEA's Technical Director

Dr. Shirmohammadi has a 40-year tenure in the electric power industry where he has held technical leadership positions in all areas of transmission and distribution planning and operations as well as in the design and implementation of electricity markets. His work in the past decade has been focused on the interconnection and integration of renewable resources in large-scale electric power systems. Some of his most recent assignments have been Director of Regional Transmission with the California ISO, Chief Technologist with the North American Energy Credit and Clearing Corporation (now part of NASDAQ-OMX), Senior Vice President and Head of Americas Energy Markets with the OM Group (now part of NASDAQ-OMX), Managing Consultant with PA Consulting Group, Director of Emerging Energy Market Services with Perot Systems Corporation, and the Director of Energy Systems Automation Group with Pacific Gas & Electric Company. In 2006 and while at the CAISO, Dr. Shirmohammadi led a team of representatives from renewable generation developers, environmental groups, regulators and electric power utilities to study and develop the Tehachapi Transmission Project and the Sunrise Powerlink Project, two of the largest regional transmission projects in the nation intended to integrate major renewable resource areas. He also serves on the NERC working groups and task forces working on Essential Reliability Services and Distributed Energy Resources. In his role as Technical Director at CalWEA, Dr. Shirmohammadi engages in stakeholder processes on transmission policy, grid-integration, generation interconnection and integrated resource planning issues. He has authored and co-authored numerous technical papers and reports and has lectured in academic, industrial and regulatory forums around the world. He has a Ph.D. in Electric Power Engineering from the University of Toronto and is a registered professional engineer. Dr. Shirmohammadi is also a fellow of IEEE.