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CalWEA in the Media from Politico

California's newest wind farm is old enough to order at the bar

A FLIGHTY WIND: The developers of a new wind farm in the Santa Barbara County hills did something a lot of people thought was impossible, a local official said today: They finished an industrial-scale renewable project on California’s pristine and heavily regulated coast.

“Projects like this are really important as a counterfactual to change that narrative, to show that it’s possible to permit and operate in coastal counties,” county supervisor and former Assemblymember Das Williams said at a press conference today.

CalWEA in the Media from NewsData LLC

Reform of Arcane CAISO Policies Could Deliver Huge Ratepayer Benefits

A recent state auditor's report noted that California has the seventh-highest average electricity rates in the nation, with substantial jumps in just the past year.

CalWEA in the Media from California Energy Markets

Extending the Life of Diablo Canyon Should Not Divert Attention from California's Clean Energy Path

Any attempt to extend the license of Diablo Canyon should not divert from solving the challenges that are slowing the transition to clean, renewable energy, including reforming permitting and grid access policies and promoting resource diversity.  Read more in CalWEA's editorial published in California Energy Markets.

CalWEA in the Media from Gismodo

The Wild Ways Local Governments Are Blocking Renewable Energy

This new report from Columbia Law School’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law chronicles at least 100 ordinances in 31 states (including California) that block or constrict construction of new renewable energy facilities. CalWEA concurs with the report  that “At a time when the U.S. needs to be stepping up renewables installation, these laws are slowing the transition.”

CalWEA in the Media from Utility Dive

Renewable advocates bristle at Biden's move to preserve California desert land use plan

Another good article on the Biden Admin.'s misguided tanking of amendments to the misguided Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan.